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More Mother-to-Child Bond while (Breast)Feeding

augustus 03, 2017

More Mother-to-Child Bond while (Breast)Feeding

Mothers who breastfeed have an opportunity to connect with her child during the beautiful process of breastfeeding. But can we do more to maximize this Bond? Can we do more to maximize the Skin-On-Skin contact? Can we do something for the Mother-to-Child Bond if one uses bottle feeding?

The answer is YES. MyPJ offers a new unique opportunity for Breastfeeding mothers allowing them to get maximum of the experience and a chance for Bottle-feeding parents giving them the experience of a Skin-On-Skin contact with their perfect juniors.

How? Using our Feeds. 'Feeds' are inside-out seamed upper wear pieces that easily and naturally open during breastfeeding and therefore ensure the skin-to-skin contact of a mother and child. Bonding like not any other garment allows you to have.

Use it as an underwear or as an upper wear piece in combination with any pants (or even without) from our Inside-Outs Clothing line. Easily open a piece and ensure the skin-on-skin contact by appropriately turning your child towards yourself on your skin.

In our previous BlogPost we already shared the Feeds introduction and which role they play for the non-interrupted sleep preparation. Use our Feeds to Provide Full Comfort to your child during feeding via Maximized Bonding and thus End Sleepless Nights.

After comforting with maximum skin-on-skin contact your child will be set for a goodnight long sleep. Happy dreaming and happy growing!