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Top 3 Tips on How To Get Your Baby To Sleep. Magic of MyPJ.

juli 06, 2017

Top 3 Tips on How To Get Your Baby To Sleep. Magic of MyPJ.

End Those Sleepless Nights.

A lot of articles have been written on how to put your baby to sleep. Here I do not want to repeat the tricks which are basic, widely spoken about, and theoretical.

I want to talk about the real tricks. The ones that worked for me as a first-time mother and the ones which will surely easily help you. Simply because they are logical. My husband is a scientist, therefore in our family everything is rationally "scientifically proved" and statistically tested.

First and for all - emotional comfort.

Yes, if you are rested and quiet, you Perfect Junior will pick up the vibe. Even after tiring (for both of you) belly cramp or any other painful experience your quiet and calm attitude will help to solve the situation. Creation of a calm, relaxed, peaceful atmosphere prior to any bedtime will definitely do a big chunk of the job (personal tip is adding some appropriate music and/or singing).

Secondly - hunger never goes a long road.

I do not contradict the highly recommended and importnat rhythm of feeding (of every 3-4 hours) and the routine. But. Balancing this rhythm and this routine by making the feedings more frequent in the evening will help you a lot to ensure the longer night. Once your Perfect Junior has picked up the calm evening vibe in a parent's hands, giving a breast or a bottle every 1,5-2 hours in the evening will create for your baby a habit of eating more and sleeping more. Now, MyPJ's turn. will help you to intensify this feeding experience through combining it with our first "emotional" tip with the help of our special feeding wear - the 'feeds'. The Feeds are specially designed upper wear garments which naturally open on a baby while you are feeding him or her with either a breast or a bottle. They help to maximize bond between a mother and her child by simply creating an opportunity for more skin-on-skin contact while you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding (by turning your child facing you). This extra bond does goes an extra mile when you are putting your baby to sleep. He or she will not only feel fed but also comforted in the best fashion it can only be possible, with maximum contact with his or her mother. Mama proved.

Finally - it's all about the comfort.

Now - physical. As I wrote in my previous Blog Post: just imagine being out of the perfect environment which is a mother's belly to this new and, often, imperfect world? One should do her best to help avoid any irritation factors to her baby. This is where does its magic trick: provide full comfort for your baby by dressing him or her into innovative baby wear 'Inside-Outs'. offers unique clothing for the newly born babies where every seam on each and every peace is closed on the outside of the garment, thus making the side facing the baby skin - totally smooth. The fact that our inside-out seamed clothing line is made from the multiple times processed cotton creates a nice feather-like touch to the skin of your child and therefore comforts instead of bothering him or her with a rough fabric or a not tidy seam. Logical, right? But secret is not over yet. Now, that your child has picked up the calm evening vibe, has been properly fed before the sleep, was comforted to the max with optimal more mother-to-child bond experience while wearing a (inside-out seamed) feed, was dressed into a totally comfortable, perfect inside-out (so many options of them in MyPJ's collection!), now is the time to do even more magic to End Those Sleepless Nights. has engineered very special sleeping units - the 'Sleeps'. They open very easily to put your baby inside and close on him or her making the hands of your Perfect Junior attached close to the body (what is very importnat given how often babies distract and at times scare themselves during their sleep with their very own hands) while allowing for the necessary movement with both hands and legs. Because of the design and which fabric we used. 

Now it is the time for the long, not-interrupted sleep for your baby. And so it is for you. To begin a new, exciting day together tomorrow.

Scientifically proved. Statistically significant. First-hand mama recommended.

With Love,

My Perfect Junior and Violetta Louwers