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Full Comfort for your Child? Simply, Inside-outs.

mei 12, 2017


By now there are plenty of articles on advantages of seamless wear. For adults. In as much as seamless techniques are beneficial for the comfort of a garment's user, they also bring numerous advantages for the production process itself, in terms of time, labor allocation and material consumption. Thus, this extra time is used for the workers' benefits and for the users' benefits via simply developments of the products even further.

Needless then to say, that this seamless technique that adds so much value to an adult's comfort does even more so to a baby whose skin is so sensitive.

Just imagine a very different feeling a child experiences being right out of the perfect environment which is a mother's belly? Any smallest imperfection creates irritation and discomfort to the skin not used to any touching. Together with medical and parenting experts we thought on the ideal clothing design for babies that will help them continue experiencing the environment just as comfortable as the mother's womb. This need in perfect clothing, coupled with the need in bonding experience while breastfeeding gave a birth to "My Perfect Junior" - the destination of perfect solutions for the first months of your perfect junior. Secret is in how everything is seamed - inside-out. Thus making the side of the garments which is facing the baby skin - totally smooth.

Our pieces have each and every seam closed on the outside of the garment. We go beyond the seamless technique: we close the seams on the outside. We also use a very special fabric - the multiple times processed cotton which gives a feather-like feeling to your perfect junior's skin. No need to compromise on the fabric while providing the same level of comfort, right?

Also, while designing these ultimately comfortable pieces we did care about the looks. Because we want that little Perfect Juniors look perfect everywhere - casually at home or a little bit dressed-up for any special occasion. But you won't need to worry about your child's comfort with our Inside-outs. It is still the same comfort-first pieces and you can let your baby sleep wearing any of them. No irritation. No seams. No compromise on style.

We look forward to hear about your experience with our inside-outs! My baby boy loved everyone he wore .