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MyPJ Violetta LouwersMyPJ's story
Hi there! I am Violetta and together with my husband and son we are an international family living in the Netherlands.
I have always been passionate about fashion. The birth of my first and wonderful PJ in autumn 2016 has turned this passion to the baby wear direction, and in the end of the same year I launched concept. Why? During the first days and weeks with our boy, my husband and I have received a lot of good feedback on the baby clothes and accessories we were using. This was when we realized that many amazing products we had for our PJ were in demand and could be just as useful for other parents. Having lived in a few places around the world, my husband and I became excited to start a shop which would be offering interesting ideas for babies from other countries. At the same time, being first time parents, we struggled to find a resource where every product featured had been first hand tested for health, safety, innovation and style.
Now, we combine our expertise in technology, retail and fashion with our own experience as parents to bring you My Perfect Junior – the destination of perfect solutions for the first months of your perfect junior.
More than an e-commerce site,  MyPJ features a blog where we will share information and advice with special ideas and solutions from all over the world. We hope to create with our blog the network of experts in parenting to explore everything perfect for children.

MyPJ's mission
MyPJ's mission is to help all parents and parents-to-be improve their babies everyday by providing a special-things-shop for healthy, safe and innovative products for newborns. A shop which is nurtured with unbiased information and advice from all over the world. All curated and tested by moms themselves and chosen by me personally.

MyPJ's quality
All products featured on MyPJ are made from natural and softest materials. They are free from pesticides, toxic chemicals, dyes, or anything that may be harmful to you or your baby. Style is important to us and we try to make sure that while healthy and natural, every piece is gorgeous. 

Contact Us
MyPJ wants to evolve, improve and be most helpful for you. We are thus an interactive place for parents to browse, shop and comment. Please share your feedback with us at

Thank you for visiting,
Violetta Louwers