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My Perfect Junior was born in 2016. Being a parent and knowing first hand how important it is to make your special someone most comfortable, I tried various options to find out what really made the first weeks of my baby enjoyable and healthy -  what made them just perfect. will help you on your journey of comforting your baby during his or her so important days of getting to know this new and wonderful world. works with three major lines:

MyPJ Inside-outs
    Inside-out seamed wear, or 'inside-outs'. This is MyPJ's  brand product. Newly introduced, this innovative line avoids any irritation to the sensitive skin of a baby and is handmade from the softest natural materials . The magic of MyPJ's clothing is in how every item is made: each and every seam on a piece is closed on the outside of the garment thus making the side facing the baby skin totally smooth. 

    MyPJ's inside-outs come in various options: jumpsuits, tops, pants, t-shirts and underwear. What I, as a mother, find particularly nice about them is that they are not only comfortable casual and home wear, but also allow you to choose pieces perfectly suitable for a "special day" of your special someone, at the same time ensuring his or her full comfort at first place.
    MyPJ feeds

    Feeding wear, or 'feeds'. This is another key ingredient of MyPJ and is something that every time ensured my personal bonding experience with my baby boy.

    The inside-out seamed upper wear pieces easily and naturally open during breastfeeding and ensure skin-to-skin contact for a mother and child. This clothing also perfectly serves as underwear for your child as it is very soft and does not have any buttons. Our feeds will help you to have bonding with your perfect junior like not any other garment will.
    The feeds are great to combine with anything from our Inside-outs clothing.


    MyPJ sleeps
    Sleeping units, or 'sleeps' We all know how important sleep is.
    We also know how babies distract and at times scare themselves during their sleep with very own hands. Oh, and of course we know how they dislike to be "rolled" into sheets to have their arms attached to the body.
    MyPJ has a solution to that. The 'sleeps' are easily closed on a baby, ensure that arms are close to the body, and allow for the needed movement for your child , with both hands and legs. Made from natural softest cotton, they comfort your baby during the sleep and help him or her get every necessary and so important second of it. also offers you a line of accessories , such as outwear, hats, socks, and bedding. All of items are made from the soft cotton and warm wool and ensure the comfort of your child in any setting. Oh, and they are exceptionally beautiful :)
    I am very excited to help you make your Perfect Junior's days and nights perfect. On you will find something really special for your someone very special.

    With Love,
    My Perfect Junior